About Traditional Floors & Design Center

Our History

At Traditional Floors & Design Center we have been in the flooring business for a combined 69 years! Ken, owner of Traditional Floors started his first years as a installer for his fathers store, Granite City Floor Covering. He installed for two years before he came into the customer service side of the business. After a tragic family accident with his father Orville, Ken soon ran Granite City Floor Covering for the next 25 years.
Pam & Ken Schlagheck
Ten years later Ken's parents decided to close the store, so Ken & his wife Pam decided to start their own flooring business. Traditional Floors & Design Center currently has over thirty designer inspired showrooms that reflect the unique designs we have to offer! Over the last eleven years we have expanded our store three times...constantly changes the looks of different rooms inside.

Our “New Addition” at this time had 20 idea rooms of different areas in the home like Kitchens, Bathrooms, Offices, and Bedrooms. We wanted to have a showplace that was different than every other store around. We want to inspire people with our ideas, colors, and custom patterns. 

When a customer comes in with a scrambled assortment of paint swatches, countertops, and random clippings from a magazine of things they liked, we often find ourselves showing them our rooms. Our showplace makes it easier for people who have a hard time visualizing what there project will look like when its finished!
Shop Local! The dollars you spend with us stay in our community!
In 2007 we remodeled the store again…adding 5 rooms that have a Tuscan Twist. These rooms made our front area look more professional and it made people not only want to come in and see the store but enthused to see what else we have to offer.
Not too long later in 2008 Ken and Pam had a bug to change more things… we added our fabulous Fiberoptics room. With lighted onyx tiles in a tub and shower surround!

In 2009 we added the coffered ceiling made of wood along with 5 new room displays including stone, glass and copper sinks. We made two more custom shower displays, a kitchen area, and two modern bathrooms.
Our new introduction in 2010 was changing our laser etching machine area into a water fountain and faucets displays with new granite countertops and new cabinetry.

Early on in 2011 Ken and Pam started getting estimates ready for our outside…with the anticipation on not starting it until 2012. Well you guessed it…we made it happen in early April of 2011. Our outside now matches our inside with its Old World Tuscan feel but has attitude and makes a statement!

We hope you get inspired by our showplace, where we can make you projects come to life!

Thank You!
Traditional Floors & Design Center